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Organization – Dysfunctional workplace

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Stream 1: Authoritarian (To many rules)
– Truth handling: honest
– Style: Narcissist (love self) 6)Arrogant 3)Deceiver 7)Mercernaries
– Style to subordinate: 1)Exploiter
– Strength: Culture
– Weakness:

Stream 2: Chaotic (No rules, Anarchy)
– Truth handling: liar 2)Imposter
– Style: Ignorant
– Style to subordinate: Escapism 4)Bystander, coward

1.The Rebel, driven by confidence, becomes the Imposter, plagued by self-doubt.
2.The Explorer, fueled by intuition, becomes the Exploiter, master of manipulation.
3.The Truth Teller, who embraces candor, becomes the Deceiver, who creates suspicion.
4.The Hero, embodying courage, becomes the Bystander, an outright coward.
5.The Inventor, brimming with integrity, becomes the Destroyer, who is morally corrupt.
6.The Navigator, trusts and is trusted, becomes the Fixer, endlessly arrogant.
7.The Knight, for whom loyalty is everything, becomes the Mercenary, who is perpetually self-serving.

How to survive chaotic enviroment
1. The objective is to survive in the system, not to change the system
2. Do not try to create a rules -chaotic means does not have any rules
3. Even in the most chaotic environment there is a weakness. A system is become something (either authoritarian or chaotic) is the most efficient way of the organization to sustain

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April 30, 2021 pada 5:58 pm

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