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Toxic culture

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Well this is not west vs east or individual vs collective or modern vs traditional. But some habits are bad. For example consider this as the common toxic culture that we face in daily basis:

1.Long working hours (to promote work-shaming, disrespecting individual aspiration)
2.Relationship based promotion (to promote compliance-to-kin-shaming)
3.Unrealistic target (to promote unity)

It also has tendency to force people to comply, however in reality people fluctuates, unpredictable, depending on time and position. This characteristic I found in many occassion that can be flag where the toxic situation created:

1.Arrogant, bully, unrealistic, clumsy, harmful people, dangerous, negative inspiration, intimidative, coward, enemy, think better than other, hostile, trusted/reliable, uncontrollable

2.Insecure, ambitious, realistic, manipulative, unnecessary urge to prove something, psychological historical motive, friend

3.Ignorant, lazy, nothing to lose, egoistic, peaceful, secured, realistic, stable (risk taker paradox), harmless people, unreliable, neutral

There is fourth category: the pure angel, the too good to be true this (sarcastically) only happen for the people that resigning. Interesting.

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 16, 2022 pada 9:20 am

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